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Do you need Heating & Air Conditioning Parts and Supplies?

If you need a local HVAC supplier near me for some of the most common heating and cooling repair and services needs but you are not sure exactly what parts you need, do not worry.

In today’s article, we will go over not only the most common parts you will find in any local HVAC supply house, but we will also go over how each part works and the benefits it has on your heating and central air system.

For additional tips on furnace maintenance and where you can find replacement parts , take the time to watch the following video:

An HVAC supply house consists of all heating and cooling repair parts as well as heating and cooling tools and accessories you need for your heating and cooling system. You will find some of the most important parts of your HVAC system in these supply houses. They include the following:

Most Common HVAC Parts & Tools Found At HVAC Supply Houses

Heat Exchanger

hvac heat exchanger parts

A heat exchanger is usually a critical part of your furnace. It is able to absorb heat and warm the cold air. This happens the moment your thermostat activates your furnace and this makes the heat from combustion to rise. You should know that all types of furnaces have heat exchangers and this includes even electrical units. 

The heat exchanger is built with strong stainless steel which has very efficient temperature alloys that are responsible for the prevention of cracking and other sorts of damages. There are some models that have been designed to have a special duct which lets cool air to get into the heat exchanger quickly and make the room comfortable quickly.

If you have an issue with your heat exchanger, it could mean you are having a carbon monoxide leak. This can be dangerous to people and pets living in the house. It causes nausea, headache and can lead to death. 

Carbon monoxide being colorless and odorless, only special detectors can be able to trace it. You can also get these special detectors from a reputable HVAC supply house in Wilmington NC. Also, ensure that you have your heating and cooling system checked by a certified HVAC contractor at least once every year.

Blower Motor

hvac blower motor parts

This is a very critical part of an HVAC system. You will be able to find it in an HVAC supply house. The role it plays in the system is that once the air in your heat exchanger gets to the desired temperatures, an electric blower motor is able to power a fan which then forces the warm air into your home’s ductwork. 

The warm air then gets through the air registers and spreads all over the rooms in your house. Combustion finally stops when the blower motor stops working and then all the warm air in your ductwork and heat exchanger gets into all the rooms of your house before the motor shuts down to wait for the next heating cycle.

It is clear that a variable speed blower motor can run at different speeds in order to precisely control the airflow around your home. It can also effectively monitor your heating and cooling system and troubleshoot any kind of underlying issues with your system. 

The fact that the variable speed blower normally runs to full speed gradually, they run quietly and will be able to lower the humidity level in your house very effectively during the summer. The ideal temperature of a home is normally realized before the variable speed unit even gets to full speed. This means the blower motor will save energy in the long run.

Combustion Chamber

hvac combustion chamber parts

This is another HVAC part you will find in an HVAC supply house. It is clear that oxygen must be present to enable proper combustion. What a furnace does is that it adds air to fuel inside the combustion chamber which is also referred to as a burner. 

In fact for a gas furnace, the combustion process normally begins when a little amount of air and gas mixes and then finds its way through the combustion chamber. The thing that follows is that a pilot light or a glow stick then ignites the mixture and this means it will burn in a controlled fire as more air and gas continue to move towards the burner.

What you need to know is that a glow stick is an electronic ignition system but pilot light is simply a tiny tube that constantly releases little traces of gas as fuel for the flame. The difference between a pilot light and a glow stick is easily evident. 

If a pilot light goes out you will be required to re-light it but a glow stick has an electronic ignition system and will light automatically. You should know that only older furnaces have pilot lights because they are known to use more gas than glow sticks.

The current make of furnaces that are highly efficient usually comes with a second combustion chamber that is able to capture unburned fuel and carbon monoxide and then compresses it effectively before igniting it once again. 

This is a way of ensuring that every bit of energy from natural gas and other types of fuels is harnessed effectively. There are systems you will get in HVAC supply houses that are integrated circuit boards to check on your furnace and active light-emitting LEDs if there is an issue with your system.

Condenser Coil or Compressor

hvac condenser coil parts

These are some other parts you will find in an HVAC supply house in Wilmington NC. These are parts of your AC and your heat pump. They are usually installed in your home and are a must-have for your HVAC system to operate effectively.

Importance of finding a good local HVAC supply house in a coastal city like Wilmington, North Carolina.

Finding a good local HVAC supply house in this area will be of great importance. This is because you will not have to face the troubles of finding replacement parts of your system once it fails. You will also be certain that your HVAC contractor will be able to access quality HVAC products that suit your requirements from the HVAC supply house. 

The good thing about having a good HVAC supply house in your area is that they will advise you on the most effective and efficient equipment. They usually have knowledge of different types and models of HVAC equipment. 

hvac parts and supplies

They also will be able to recommend the best HVAC contractors around your area. This will save you a lot of headaches you would have gone through finding a reliable HVAC technician. The good thing about having an HVAC supply house in your area is that you will be able to find repair and replacement parts quickly and with ease.


There you have it, you now know both the most common parts you can find at your local HVAC supply house as well as the benefits that each every provides for both your home and business HVAC systems.

If you would like more information regarding how to find the best heating and cooling supplies and services in your area, be sure to take some time to read the following related articles.

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