PHS Schedule Change Policy

Students may request a schedule change during the first week of school.  Once the first week has concluded, students are enrolled in their course of study for the school year unless there is a change in program or graduation status. Students are required to work to their fullest potential. Students are also encouraged to utilize the tutorial period for additional support. Students must demonstrate that they have attempted to fulfill all course expectations along with the following:
1.    Talk to the teacher
2.    Seek extra help
3.    Study and review at home
4.    Completion of all assignments
5.    Meeting all other conditions established by the teacher
6.    Participate in class and ask questions
7.    Parent/Teacher conference
8.    Attend Tutorial session
Parents/Guardians should access Parent Portal.  The portal is designed to inform parents/guardians of their student’s academic performance in the classroom. See the registrar, Martha VonStockhausen in Student Services for more information. Parents are encouraged to contact the teacher by email to correspond or to set up an appointment.  The counselors in the Library Media Center are also available to support student success.  There are a variety of online resources such as for math support.